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tv   The Ten O Clock News on KTVU Fox 2  FOX  August 16, 2017 10:00pm-11:00pm PDT

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your 10:00 news starts right now. a bear it - - a bay area couple and their son arrived to comply with deportation orders. when they leave tonight, they leave three daughters behind. [ crying ] [ indiscernible ] [ crying ] [ indiscernible ]
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>> i won't be able to see her graduate. >> the family in anguish, separated for the first time. frank and julie are off tonight. they plan to board a plane to mexico at 11:30 tonight. and we had the latest on the family departure. >> it was a sad thing for this family. they are very emotional. they are going through security as we speak. we were there as they arrived 40 minutes ago, surrounded by friends and by family. and the family said last goodbyes because it may be the last time they are on american soil. they maim - - they may not be back for a decade. >> a chance getaway would be welcomed by this family on most occasions, but not today, this day they have been dreading. after 23 years here, they are being deported to mexico.
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>> it took me $45,000 to get here. [ indiscernible ] >> a last ditch effort to stay was denied. now sanchez, her husband, and there 12-year-old son are forced to leave, splitting the family apart. >> i cannot just forget about it. this is a separation. like they are not going to be here. >> three of them will remain in the united states, the oldest will be guardians for their sister. the brunt of the responsibility will be on the oldest daughter got the middle daughter is in college. >> i want to be here, but i cannot. i have to go back. >> they spent a few hours tying up loose ends. and the mother helped her youngest daughter who just
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returned home from a first day of tenth grade. the road ahead will be long and hard. just coming home to mom and dad will no longer be an option. [ indiscernible ] [ crying ] [ indiscernible ] [ crying ] they won't see me graduate. - - >> they will not see me graduate. [ crying ] [ indiscernible ] >> we want to keep going and show them that if they are doing this to bring people like me down, they are wrong. >> she says it hurts to see the family broken apart. she will be coming back, until that date, she plans to fight. and she will look to her neighbors to the north for help. >> if the senator cannot do anything for me, then i will hope the prime minister in canada will be willing to
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give me a job. >> earlier today i spoke to the family lawyer. he says the senator is working on a private bill to keep that family in the united states, but that will not go before congress until september. and it will take a signature from the president to give them a green card. he said if this happened in 1999, when he had one done at that time, he said he is not sure it will happen again. >> as it stands, they must be on the plane in one hour. >> that is correct. at 11:20 got the plane will be leaving. and of course we will be here for that in one hour. by then, they will be going back to mexico. federal agents conducted a raid in west oakland, with an investigation into the human trafficking of children. homeland security arrived at 7:00 this morning.
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a woman who lives at the house said that agents detained her adopted brother in law, they run a janitorial is in scott she says. >> i was sleeping. i had just heard rumbling. i told my husband to go outside and check what is going on. i had heard that ice was doing a sweep across the bay area. >> the raid sparked controversy because immigrations and customs enforcement was involved alongside oakland police, and police, and oakland is a sanctuary city and they are not supposed to work with ice. but because this was human trafficking and not immigration, the oakland police chief instructed officers to not take part in the raid, but in traffic control. hundreds of protesters are upset about the sheriff cooperating, and talked about opposition to the bill. tatyana talked to protesters.
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>> and they said a retweet of a white nationalist video prompted them to come out to the protests this evening. >> stop! [ indiscernible ] [ indiscernible ] >> protesters blocked the streets. a line of deputies and protesters were out. >> they need to stop bringing military into the streets. they need to care for the community. >> several hundred people called for the sheriff to stop cooperating with immigration officials. >> in a state like california, california, there is hypocrisy at play. we say we are leading the resistance against the trump administration, first in our values, but deportation is happening in our own backyards. >> we are at a moment where
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people really need to make a choice, on where they stand. our collective - - our elected official should stand with the people who voted them into office. >> they demanded a copy with calls from governor jerry brown to support the california values act, which would make california a sanctuary state. >> the sheriff department and the sheriff association has been opposed to the company values act which would prevent deportations. >> there is an issue with racism and people need to know that they are welcome and part of our community. >> opponents said that it would provide sanctuary to criminals who should be deported. at the oakland protest, some said that they were appalled by a tweet from richard spencer which appeared on the
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twitter feed and was later deleted. >> i was hurt by the events in charlottesville. i was outraged. >> a spokesperson said that he was responsible and had been researching spencer to prepare for possible protests in the bay area. he said this tweet was a result of research and not intentional. he said i take responsibility for the mistake and i assure you it will not happen again. >> protesters say they will be taking the fight to sacramento next wednesday, for a hearing. it has already passed the state senate and one of the authors says the assembly vote is expected in the coming weeks. 1000 people, a lot of them dressed in purple, gathering to honor heather heyer, she died when a car ran into a group of
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protesters against a racist rally. and her mother hopes that her death will empower others to action. >> she loved people, people, she loved the quality. and in this issue, she wanted to put down hatred. >> they tried to kill my child to shut her up. guess what, you just magnified her. >> the man accused of driving the car that slammed into the crowd is james alex fields junior. he has been charged with second-degree murder in her death. and a podcast host was expected to talk at a white nationalist rally, he has been fired. he was listed as a featured speaker in virginia. his employee - - his employer fired him. so far, he has not responded to
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calls for comment. trump stayed out of sight at his golf club today. critics and to into to hammer him over remarks for sharing blame with counter protesters rallying against white nationalists. we heard from a key united states ally. >> trump today announced that he is disbanding white house advisory councils a bit more fallout from his comments on the charlottesville violence. >> trump leaving for his golf club in new jersey after a tumultuous trip home amid protests. he said that the blame for the weekend violence was to be shared between neo-nazi groups and protesters. today, reaction to his remarks during the press conference continues to sweep the globe.
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>> all of those in positions of responsibilities must be condemning the far right views. >> rex tillerson addressed the protests while hosting the canadian foreign minister. >> there is simply no place for that in our public discourse. and i want to add our own condemnation. >> democrats and republicans took to social media to voice displeasure with his unscripted remarks. and the comments on the fuel those who are sympathetic to the white nationalist movement, they said. >> they are talking about having events all over the country. >> this is a moment of truth for america. we must say what is unacceptable, in terms of public expression. >> americans finding themselves sharply divided over the comments. >> it used to be a beacon of hope. now, we are an embarrassment. >> i agree.
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[ indiscernible ] >> the fbi has been receiving a large number of tips, and the bureau has set up a tip line for this event alone. >> lauren, thank you. coming up, more pain for a family after the loss of a loved one. and a mix up at a bay area cemetery that left one man's body in the wrong plots. >> he deserves better than this. >> and in the weather, low clouds and fog near the coast, pushing into the bay. and also, a warming trend. we will look at the forecast high temperatures in your neighborhood, coming up. disbelief after a professor
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controversy after he professor returns after sexually harassing a student. the fall session is off to a rocky start.
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the professor will be returning to teach, they learned this today. we have more from the campus on their concerns and the school response. >> the composer was on paid administrative leave which has now been lifted, the school says that they acted appropriately based on the findings. >> i am disgusted, outraged, offended, fearful. >> the professor is a counselor of education who received a memo stating another professor would be returning to the campus this semester. back in 2015, a graduate student accused him of sexually harassing her. and the student advisor said that he made inappropriate remarks that he wanted to date her. >> my response is that i am calling them out. >> he is talking about a statement the university gave cussing allegations were
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substantiated after he was suspended and sent through diversity training. and he said another allegation came from a different student. after an extensive investigation, those allegations were not substantiated and no appeal was filed. he says the school failed the students. >> there is no indication of commitment to address the issues. the school protected the harasser. the school rewarded the harasser. >> we reached out, and we did hear from his attorney elisa stewart, who told us that the first investigation was flawed and the client had been implicated in the last statement. >> i understand the prior findings. but the complete story is not out there. >> the attorney message to students is to trust the process, but some students say they cannot help but to be
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concerned, with the uncomfortable environment the accusations have created. >> if they feel like someone is a predator, you know that takes away a safe space. >> the professor will be teaching graduate level courses this semester. he will not be serving as academic advisor. the school said that was his decision. >> thank you. we are learning more about a deadly fire that left three people dead and two children also dead. the fire broke out at the golden wheel mobile home parks. cell phone video captured a chaotic scene. neighbors gathered near the burned-out home. family members say the 10-year- old and 9-year-old lost their lives in the fire. linda's uncle was watching the children and also died. they remembered his young friends.
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>> they were really good friends. and they were really kind. [ crying ] [ indiscernible ] they were generous. they were honest. [ crying ] [ indiscernible ] >> members of the task force are trying to find the ignition spots. san francisco police arrested a security guard accused of some - - they shot a man accused of shoplifting. it happened at fifth and howard. the victim suffered a gunshot wound to the leg and is expected to survive. the security guard is facing charges of assault with a firearm. a los prevention company that deals with shoplifters may have to close up shop in california. and a judge ruled in favor of the city attorney who claimed the message was a textbook example of extortion and false imprisonment.
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>> suspected shoplifters do not get handcuffed by police. instead, the san francisco city attorney says that they go into a private business. >> somebody suspected would be summoned and they would say unless you pay, we will report you to the police. to the problem is that it is illegal. >> the law is clear and this is textbook extortion and false imprisonment. >> a state superior court judge agreed. >> what spoke to me, this company was establishing alternative parallel systems of justice. >> they claim to partner with law enforcement, crediting themselves with removing 10,000 people from the camillo justice system. the company sent out an e-mail
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saying they were shocked and dismayed by the ruling on tuesday. they said we are disheartened for our partners and for those in california who face a lifelong scarlet letter due to one bad choice. >> if any company really wants to partner with law enforcement, they can do so. but extortion is not the way. >> walmart, ralphs and other grocery chains were also named on behalf of the people of the state of california. they currently operate in 25 states and herrera thinks many of the defenders were not - - they think many of them were not even guilty. >> they signed up for a bogus program. >> herrera says there are 13,000 accused to use this program and it could translate into millions of dollars in restitution, not to mention tens of millions of dollars in penalty fees.
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ktvu fox news. the warming trend is right on track with a little bit of a bump in the numbers today. you might see 80s toward antioch. san jose at 81 degrees and santa rosa in the upper 70s, and on satellite, you can see the low clouds to the north and toward the south as well. fog will continue to be a factor tonight and tomorrow. and here is our camera looking toward the san francisco bay, not solid overcast yet, but it will be changing over the next four hours. and tomorrow you will be waking up to the temperatures in the 50 degrees and 60 degrees range. lower clouds along the coast and along the bay. that includes san francisco at 57 degrees, and a little bit of a surprise tomorrow, patchy fog by 12:00 and then partly sunny by 3:00 with temperatures in the upper 60s. and here we go with the cloud pattern tomorrow morning at 7:00. the clouds will clear back to near the coastline just like
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today. and tomorrow, most areas will be warm inland. we are looking at upper 80s and lower 90-degree temperatures in the afternoon. and we will have more on that forecast coming up in a few minutes. another homeless encampment cleared out, after 20 years. it has been around sock - - it has been around longer than some neighborhoods. why is it coming it - - why is it coming down now? >> the niners and the broncos sharing the same field of practice. and we look at what this means for the preseason game on saturday. we will have that coming up in sports. a crash involving notable vehicles in the east bay, coming up next. vo: whenever a craving hits,
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we are following some breaking news out of oakland, emergency crews responded to the scene of a major accident with multiple vehicles
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involved. six patients and one child have been taken to nearby hospitals. the accident happened at 8:45 tonight at 55th and international boulevard. three people were trapped in one of those cars and had to be extricated. the 5-acre homeless camp has been cleared, but it did cleared, but it did not happen overnight. outreach workers have been visiting homeless hill. the camp was located near highway 12 and farmers lane. it was intended to be a street extension but it never got built. and bulldozer - - the bulldozers are busy there. >> it is going to take several weeks to clean it all up. look at the debris from this very established camp. touchy business. the city made sure to tread softly. >> you could smell it
10:26 pm
coming up. >> a homeless camp with health and safety issues like any other. >> we found buckets of dead rats and human waste and needles. >> this community dates back to the 90s. there were 50 people here last month. and homeless hill has never gone away. even as the neighbors complained. >> people were fighting. you could hear people in the middle of the night and you never know what is going on here. >> a turning point, bulldozers knocking down at multiple levels with the dirt carved up. >> butane and gasoline and oil. >> fires had. >> reporter: woken out. >> we were lucky but there was no reason to allow it to continue. >> the hell will no longer be a hiding place. rooms full of furniture were brought up here.
10:27 pm
>> there are fuels got there is a load up here that we did not expect to see. >> now the real work against. >> we have lowered our barriers so people will be more willing to come in. >> - - >> new shelter beds means they could stay together and keep pets with them. >> i just wanted to take a shower. >> this couple lived here 18 years. >> back then it was a different place. it was beautiful. there were only six people appear. they took care of the place. >> they consider it a stepping ship - - they believe it is a stepping stone. healthy people, where they are. santa rosa figures it if it can work here, it can work anywhere. >> they have fallen through every safety net. we have to think of things
10:28 pm
differently and not place judgment on individuals who are just trying to survive. instead we must say what can we do to solve the issue? >> the comprehensive approach is not cheap. they have added half a million dollars to make sure services are here. 28 people who lived on the hill have been accepting help. more pain for a family that is mourning the loss of a loved one. a mix up at a bay area cemetery that left a man's body in the wrong plot and away from his family. it happened again, details on yet another shooting. >> days away from totality, the coming solar eclipse is an event you will not want to miss. ♪
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♪ hey, is this our turn? honey...our turn? yeah, we go left right here. (woman vo) great adventures are still out there. we'll find them in our subaru outback. (avo) love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. get 0% apr financing for 63 months on all new 2017 subaru outback models. now through august 31. the heartbreak of losing a family member could be unbearable. at for one family the pain was compounded when their loved one was buried in the wrong cemetery plot and buried away from his family. christine gets to the bottom of how it could have happened. >> she reminds her husband richard - - she is remembered
10:32 pm
that her husband is buried in the wrong spot. he spent several tours in vietnam. [ indiscernible ] [ crying ] >> he was very proud of his country. >> i like a lot of them. >> peggy shares a collage displayed at the funeral. he was a family man surrounded by loved ones when he died from liver cancer in 2015. >> he put his arms around me. >> richard was late to rest without peggy knowing it was not the plot they had purchased a decade ago. >> they had astroturf and a big
10:33 pm
tarp and chairs. it was a hard day, i did not look at where they were burying him. i trusted them, i believed it was the right place. records show we pee purchased several watts together. >> it was in the south garden section, they purchased in 1999. three plots side-by-side, one of them for richard and peggy and one for robert and his wife. >> we trusted them completely. peggy realized the burial was botched. >> i did not realize until after he died - - i did not realize until a while after, i saw someone was buried next to him. my brother was supposed to
10:34 pm
bevery there. >> they said my brothers plot where where they were supposed to be. that is not true. >> it snowballed after that. >> someone else is buried in one of his plots, the bases were shifted and the plot was moved four spaces away, where he is buried between strangers, strangers, separated from family. >> no apologies, no nothing. >> the family is taking legal action. >> they believe the mixup can be traced back to the 90s. >> in 2002 and in 2003, they ride to - - they tried to reconcile and sent letters to some of the plot owners, but not all of the plot owners. >
10:35 pm
> robert received one of those letters, letters, peggy and richard did not. >> they expressed that the location did not change, just the numbers have changed. >> are others buried in the wrong plots? >> it is possible that people do not realize the plots were originally purchased, those were moved. >> we went to memorial park in search of answers. >> i don't have any more information. >> oakmont memorial park is based out of pennsylvania. the director of investor relations and sent a statement that reads the origins of the lawsuit developed prior to our ownership of the property. we have tried to rectify the
10:36 pm
situation. peggy and her brother are suing for negligence, fraud, and other a blue - - they are suing for elder abuse, negligence and fraud. peggy hopes another family will be spared the pain she is going through. >> reporter: after her visits to the cemetery, she brings heartache home. she is left considering options that will never give her peace when it comes to this final resting place. >> i have to dig them up, no one wants to do that. or not be with my family for eternity. i cannot win here. this is a no-win situation for me. >> foxnews reporting. >> the full statement can be found on our website. >> five soldiers missing after a helicopter crashes off hawaii. we will have details on the
10:37 pm
search and recovery efforts along the coast. >> we are still tracking some low clouds and some fog. we are also tracking a warming trend. and we are also taking a look at the forecast, for the solar eclipse on monday. >> and a movie cheap - - a movie theater chain is trying to block movie pass. the battle could soon move through the courts.
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a search is underway after a black hawk helicopter went down last night, the army, coast guard, guard, marines and honolulu fire department have boats and aircraft on the scene. and they have recovered a helmet and pieces of the fuselage. they notified families of the crew members on board. they belong to the 25th per grade based in hawaii. >> police and the highway patrol are in this getting the 100th bay area shooting and the second on interstate 80. the latest happened at 10:00 last night near the jackson street exit. chp says someone open fire on an suv with a pair of teenagers inside. neither of them were hit by the gunfire. but they were injured by the flying glass. they turned off the fleet - -
10:41 pm
they turned off the freeway and asked for help. it does not appear that there was a confrontation that led up to the shooting. they spotted the shooterdriving on surface streets. a man led police on a high- speed chase and fell from his death from a crane. the ordeal began at 3:00 this afternoon when an suv was reported stolen from a car dealership. it was spotted on the freeway and police chased that suv. it swerved out of traffic for an hour and the driver climbed out and drove onto a massive crane. he took off all of his clothes and at 9:30 tonight he fell 200 feet to his death. the biggest movie theater chain in the nation is trying to block a new service that offers movie passes for a monthly fee. they will sue to block movie fast - - movie pass allows one movie per day for $10 a month.
10:42 pm
mc says the price is not sustainable. movie pass has 20,000 subscribers and they hope to add 100,000 customers with this new service. days away from totality. >> it is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. >> experts tell us why the coming solar eclipse is an event that you are not going to want to miss. >> and the five day forecast and what to - - we have more information on where you should go to watch the eclipse as well. [ music ]
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the path of totality is coming across the united states on monday. we spoke with local scientists on why they think the event is such a big deal. >> it has happened before. a total solar eclipse of the united states, that does not happen very often. >> 1918 was actually the last time we had a total eclipse in the united states, where it would all the way from the west coast through the east coast. the last total eclipse to hit
10:46 pm
the mainland, 1979. and in california, 1889. the astronomical society, founded as a result of the solar eclipse from 1889 because it was such a big deal. >> because you have to wait for the sun and the moon and the earth to get in line. >> total eclipse of the sun happens when the sun, moon and earth all start lining up together. >> there is a 70-mile strip starting from portland, going to charleston, and everywhere you are in north america, a little bit of the sun must be blocked out. >> people are flocking the path of totality. >> and it is mostly a rural,
10:47 pm
small town eclipse. the total eclipse path, 60, maybe 70 miles wide, it goes across the country and mostly does not go over any major metropolitan areas. it hit the corner of state lewis and goes over nashville. but for the most part, it will be in small towns, forests, national parks and farmland. that means that eclipse, in order to be visible, you will need to go into the zone of the eclipse or televise it from there. hundreds of thousands of people are planning to go into the zone of the eclipse. >> and west coast versus east coast, well, we went on this one. >> there have been studies made of the entire path along the country, and on the east coast,
10:48 pm
a big chance of thunderstorms, for most, the best locations turn out to be central oregon and idaho, for the least amount of cloud cover. >> this is a scale model. a lot of people think the moon is right here. but the moon is actually 30 earth diameters away. >> and a chance to look up and to see something that we really get to see. >> it is a really big deal. anyone who has seen a solar eclipse from the path of totality, it is a once-in-a- lifetime experience. >> we have complete coverage on monday morning and extended coverage comes at nine a clock in the morning. >> we don't know if we will be able to see it just by looking outside.
10:49 pm
>> we cannot coat - - we cannot completely discount the fog. we don't really have a mechanism to completely clear it out for the forecast. and we will get to that or cast where we talk about the warming trend and temperatures in the 70s and 80 degrees range,, warming things back into the upper 80s toward livermore and san jose, and here is the satellite. the fog as we go pick - - the fog is regrouping, with an onshore wind that will transport fog over san francisco, oakland and hayward. and check out the current numbers. 50-degree and 60 degrees temperatures. and san francisco in the upper 50s. here is our life camera looking out toward the bay with some patchy clouds moving into the area for tonight. you have been hearing a lot about the solar eclipse, the sun,
10:50 pm
moon, and earth, with the solar eclipse have happening for us and a partial eclipse on monday morning. this will be the path with the total solar eclipse, with a red a red line in the forecast model cloud cover. and some parts, toward missouri, there is a chance it could have some cloud cover and here is the path. for us it is a partial solar eclipse. we call this a rough draft forecast. for the coast, high chances of lower clouds possible around the bay with the best that in the end. high peaks toward mount diablo and mount hamilton. there is a chance of low clouds on monday morning. we will be watching out for that. and we will have additional details over the next several days. the low pressure has been cooling us off since monday. and with that, a warming trend
10:51 pm
on thursday, friday, and on saturday. and the low cloud pattern tomorrow, along the bay, clouds are backing in, near the shoreline with red blinking up 90s. center is at 85 degrees. lower 90s toward antioch and oakland in the middle 70s. san jose at 84 degrees, and the beaches are in the lower 60s. looking at your five-day forecast and temperatures, the warmest days will be on friday and saturday. we cool off sunday, and early into the next week. at least we are not talking about a heat advisory. looking pretty good in that department. coming up, a bay area protester lost his job in berkeley after being spotted at a charlottesville rally. and he is speaking out. his story coming up at 11:00. 49ers hosted the broncos
10:52 pm
today. we will have details on the practice coming up next. ♪ ♪
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you win some, you lose some. tonight, bay area football teams could not take it home.
10:55 pm
the auditions for 2018 continue for our bay area baseball teams. they will - - kansas city royals , in the wild-card race. and a runner on, fifth home run of the year and a two-run shot. they have fitting later, - - a half inning later, lorenzo goes over the wall for a two-run shot fort up 4-2, 13th home run, and the royals took a a 6-4 lead. with ryon healy in front of him, matt chapman finds a seat. and he was called up in the game tied at six. again not for long. it just took a couple batters to go back in front against blake treinen, alex gordon drives it in. rbi single, herrera at ninth, 26th save, save, royals are half a game out of the wild
10:56 pm
card spot. and the only real drama, weather stanton would hit a home run for the seventh consecutive game. matt king given a double header. things started out well, marlins score a couple runs in the first and the giants should have been out. but crawford boxed it and kept the inning alive. fair ball on the left-field line that two of the runs come home. and it is usually a big deficit. giants get it going in the third. a long run. run ball to the right side. gordon overcomes the confusion. he runs to the backhimself. marlins pylon, suzuki hits a two run marlins fifth. the home run streak comes to an
10:57 pm
end and miami wins. first game at home, saturday against denver. and the teams got an early look. so far this summer, ruben foster earns is start as a linebacker. he was described as someone with a nose for the football. he likes to practice when the opposition is not itchy met. >> it was a good challenge. and they did put out good coverage.
10:58 pm
we want to open for those guys and see what we can do against someone else. and it was good to see where we are at. >> they picked up a player that was discarded in the off-season . he was released after being charged with felony domestic violence. the accuser declines to cooperate. a couple of things to check out this wednesday evening and pregame ceremonies in boston. jordan lee andre was honored. >> jordan, fire it in! [ crowd noise ] >> they looked to the catchers for a target and this is not what they mean. photographers know that you
10:59 pm
have to keep your eyes open. and examples - - examples of how a day could be good or bad for a kid. your dad catches a foul ball. and some place like the dodgers stadium, they have a contraption like this for the kids and it starts fun. but at times there can be side effects. the subway series continues at the home of the new york mets, erin judge was given a championship belt from left to right. and the judge gave everybody his first run at the bat, his 37th home run of the year. that is what you call a long home run. and now we will go to the 11:00 news. a family separated by deportation orders, parents
11:00 pm
forced to go back to mexico, leaving three children behind. >> the 11:00 news starts now. that couple is taking up for mexico in 30 minutes. >> frank and julie are off during the - - deportation orders are up by almost a third compared to a year ago. christina was with the oakland family today as they spent final hours together before they were forced to leave the country. >> how was school? >> it was good. >> this family is at home, together, with a living room filled with suitcases. >> everything is ready. we are just going to go with the flow. >> her battle to legalize her status has been repeatedly been denied. she accepted the fact that they will be deported after spending 23 years


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